A little bit about the method:

Our first step on the road is to dig in the social environment and what criteria you see as important in new heads. Then we implement our “desk research”, where we focus on checking out relevant candidates in our own database and candidates in relevant companies and industries. Then we do the thorough analysis of the candidates specific skills requirements.


It is our practice to meet again when we approach the end of the first research phase. We provide information about what we have done so far, which candidates we have identified, companies we are looking for, etc. and present a “long-list” that we together go through and make priorities based on. It is our experience that the outcome of such a discussion provides a clear direction for how we should proceed.

With personnel in Norway, our customers can more easily implement and control offshore projects. With a person in place in their own environment, every detail is perceived and space is provided for a more accurate flow of information with the team abroad. Here, the risk of language barrier and “lost in translation” is reduced.


Project / Staffing

  • Quality Assurance services (on site / offshore)
  • Development projects based on requirements specifications
  • Maintenance projects on existing portfolio
  • eZ Publish partner
  • IBM Business Partner offshoring
  • Establish development department for Norwegian organizations in Ukraine
  • Off site in the customer’s premises *
  • Cost reduction
  • Flexibility: Quick start-up and quick removal if necessary
  • Highly qualified candidates; +40 000 technologists are trained per year
  • Less cultural differences
  • More like buying pattern and understanding of the task
  • Norwegian contact person and project management

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