What is a lot of people "do", "everbody" is talking about and only a handful knows anything about? Net trade, internet shopping, e-shopping, eletronic trading, e-biz or e-business are different terms for buying on the internet.

A modern business concept must include e-trade as one of their cornerstones. E-trade gives companies the opportunity to develop their markets, enter new markets to get new clients and increase the volume to existing clustomers - all with minimal cost.

Cloud Consulting har developed a e-shop solution which contains all functionality required to operate a well funtioning e-shop. In addition to a well functioning e-shop, we have integrated efficient internet marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the keyword and not only is the e-shop optimized for the best possible result. Every product is optimized for SEO, so that all products will be found in Google, Bing or Yahoo.Betalingsløsning fra BBS er tilpasset løsningen, slik at betalingssikkerhet for kundene og butikken er ivaretatt, men det er også mulig å implementere andre typer løsninger for betaling.

By integrating the shop with the existing company systems for procurement/warehouse/finance you will get a colleague working 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week doing sale, marketing and accepting orders. Without coffee breaks or lunch.

An e-shop solution fro Cloud Consultling is the only choice when you are looking for a complete solution. A well organized e-shop is the answer to budget reductions and efficiency. You can handle a higher volume at a lower cost per order. Extended functionality in the handling of orders with our own smart supplier backend solution.

Design: Leonberg Reklamebyrå
Development: Cloud Consultling
Platform: Linux, Apache, OpenSource with PHP and Flash