Our goal is to present candidates who will succeed when the work for one of our customers. We start evrey recruiting project with an anlyzes of the organisation to get a good idea of goals, strategies, challenges and the sucess criterias.

We are focused when we recruit and our model is the result of many years of experience with systematic recruiting.

Our model proves itself again and again. No matter if we recruit personnel for permanent employment with you or you want to hire some extra persons to an ongoing project.

Right person in the right place.

Qualifications and experience are important factors in the recruiting process. We do, however, also emphasize that the candidate should be well adjusted in his new positon. du to the Nobody Ingen er tjent med at en godt kvalifisert kandidat slutter etter kort tid fordi han ikke trives.

That is why we also include social skills analyzes and match this to the working environment when we qualify a possible new employee. The new employee should succeed in the new position. Otherwise we would all fail.

Right staffing for your projects .

We staff projects with extra hands. Our model for project staffing gives you predictable results and we can scale the staffing up and down within a 14 day timeframe. All quality assure all our candidates and are experts within their field of expertise.

Our services.

To complete a successful recruiting process we have defined 2 main areas of importance, Research and Candidate management.


During the research process we combine our knowledge and experience with creativity and we persue untraditional methods for recruiting. We do a new and extensive research for each recruiting project and in addition we use our established networks and sources covering relevant fields of expertise.

Finding the best candidate is important, to create interest and confidence with the right candidates is just as important. Our model for candidate management takes this into consideration.

Candidate management

We look after our candidates during the recruiting process. We invite to an open dialog and a close follow up and this ensures the candidates availability in the recruiting process.

As a new job is changing your life situation, what we do and how we do it is important to a lot more people than the candidate we recruit. It challenges our skills and sets the ethical standard for our work.

We complete all our recruiting processes with discretion, integrity and consideration.