A number of tasks which today your own personnel solves can be subject to offshoring. Offshoring as a concept is getting more and more popular and based on our Talenpool database; we can offer unique opportunities to our clients. An offshoring agreement with Cloud Consulting gives you access to the resources you need without changing the headcount internally.

Cloud Consulting takes the responsibility as an employer and makes sure that the employee solves your tasks properly and in a timely manner. Cloud Consulting is responsible for the administration of the employee and makes sure that all local laws and requirements are handled correctly.

As a professional offshoring company, Cloud Consulting is the responsible employer of your offshoring staff and we handle the following tasks:

  • Organize office place with necessary computer equipment and internet connection.
  • Manage the employee in our payroll system.
  • Manage salary and social costs, payment when on sick leave, holiday money, travelling expenses and so on.
  • Calculation of taxes and other fees and pay these in accordance with the requirements of local authorities.
  • Maintain documents about the employment in accordance with local regulations.
  • Manage timesheets.
  • Update government statistics, manage flexible working hours, holiday lists and other related paperwork.
  • Update required and voluntary health insurance.

Offshoring with Cloud Consulting removes the recruiting costs.

Through an offshoring agreement with Cloud Consulting the tasks you want to be offshored will be managed properly. We work hard with recruitment in Ukraine and we have at any given time potential candidates available with different knowledge and experience. We will propose the candidates' best suited for the job and together we will find the right candidate to solve your tasks in the best possible way.

A candidate from us has been through an extensive process, where we in addition to several interviews and other normal recruiting processes also complete:

  • Verification of references through our own network
  • Verification of academical documents through our own network
  • Completion of tests developed by Cloud Consulting to secure correct technical level
  • Completion of our own language test to ensure language level and social skills
  • Completion of analyzes of attitude towards service and problem solving methods.

Our candidates hold the required level and in an overlap situation, we will maintain the correct level og knowledge and the attitude towards tasks to be solved.

Offshoring with Cloud Consulting gives you the following advantages and possibilities:

  • Cost is reduced and moved from salary to procurement of services
  • It is possible to reduce costs, recruiting and employees in HR just to mention a few.
  • Client keep scontrol of the work to be performed with reduced overhead.
  • Payment of salary and taxes on time
  • Reduce or completly remove costs related to completion of a project.

Cooperation is more than offshoring

Based on our Talentpool database, we can present candidates to our Offshoring clients for use in projects. Small or large projects, we will get the best ones with proven skills from A to Z to participate in your projects. They can work for you on your premises or the can solve their tasks from our premises. We take the responsibility as employer and makes sure that visa and other requirements are in place together with other required documents based on where they will work.

A cooperation with Cloud Consulting enables you to solve a series of tasks in a new way, reduce your costs and at the same time increase the overall quality of what you deliver.