We have available IBM Websphere consultants

The IBM Websphere consultants in our Talenpool are recognized for their broad experience and high education.

  P.T., 50 y.o.,  IBM WebSphere Senior Developer

Education: Master Degree in Mathematics

  • Working experience: last 7 years with J2EE / SOA
  • Experience in Bank/Finance, Insurance, Trade and Industry, Public services field
  • Experienced team leader
  • Certified IBM Web Sphere/SOA/XML  


 K.Z.,  30 y.o., IBM Websphere Message Broker developer

Education: Bachelor degree in Software engineering and Bachelor degree in Bank/Finance

  • Working experience 7 years
  • Experience in Bank / Finance field
  • Project Management experience 4 years
  • Experienced team leader


  A.A., 27 y.o., IBM WebSphere developer

Education: Bachelor Degree in Economics.

  • Working experience 6 years
  • Experenice in Bank / Finance and Industry field
  • Experienced developer WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Message Broker.
We have available IBM Websphere consultants