Open Source Developers

Our Talenpool database has been built up over the last 3 years, and all our candidates in the database have been interviewed personally, we have verified their technical level with our own tests, we do extensive checks of graduation documents and references in addition to using our own network for a final control.

A. M., 30y.o.  Software Engineer, Web Developer, UNIX System Administrator

Education: Master of Computer Science

Special skills:

  •   8+ years of experience in development using HTML/PHP/JS/My SQL
  • 4+ year of experience in development using Python/Cheetah/Aquarium
  • Good knowledge of Payment/Billing Systems, CC processing, Merchant Gateways
  • 7+ years of Linux/Unix administration,
  • Good skills in Web Hosting systems: Plesk, Cpanel, cPanel, H-Sphere.
  • Strong experience in working with remote R&D and QA team,
  • Strong usage of CVS/Project/Bug Tracking/Wiki


  • 5+years in Web UI development for E-mail security systems:, Cisco Business Unit, Python/Aquarium Framework UNIX
  • 2+years Billing systems, WebShop Integration with Merchant Gateways
  • Database design Development process managing
  • Developed Accounting/Billing part of a ready-to-use website templates system.
  • Integrated payments gateways using native API and curl
  • Developed a lot of scripts for mail lists management/forums/shopping

V.S., 28y.o. Java developer

Education: Senior Specialist in Computer Science

Software engineer with 5years’ experience in technological and business areas
Experience in developing high-loaded management system
Database and application design development and implementation


  • Software Engineering
  • JSE (Swing, SWT, Java 2D, JDBC, Networking, I/O, Collections, Reflection)
  • JEE (JSP/Servlets, EJB, JTA, JPA, JSF/RichFaces, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, IBatis)
  • JME (CDC/CLDC, Polish Framework, Symbian S60)
  • HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript
  • SQL, PL-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Interbase, Firebird
  • Windows, Linux

K. D. , 35y.o.  Software developer

Education:  Master in computer Science

Five years strong knowledge in Design & developing application under Linux/ C and C++, (OOPS)
Developed Internet/Intranet and Client/Server Applications/ Worked extensively in J2EE/J2SE
Experienced in using W3C technologies and in embedded software development.

Technical Skills: 

  • Hardware: Intel - Pentium PC's, Hitachi
  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista/XP/NT and oldest,MS-DOS, Unix (Linux), Symbian, IPhone OS.
  • Languages: C, C++, VC++,PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, wsdl, xml, xpath, xslt, SQL, plsql, plr
  • Frameworks: Swing,Red5,Struts,JSF,NetBeans,Spring(a little),gwt,zk.
  • IDE: NetBeans, Jbuilder, Visual Studio.NET, Eclipce, QT.
  • Server Side Technologies: EJB, Java Servlets, JSP, JTA, PHP.
  • RDBMS: Oracle, MySQL, postgresql.
  • Database Connectivity: JDBC, ODBC, hibernate. CVS: cvs, perforce, svn.
  • Web Server: Java Web Server, Apache. Mail Server: sendmail, postfix,
  • Packages: MS Office, MS Project, PhotoShop, CorelDraw.
  • CMS: joomla, mambo, phpnuke, smsimple, guppy.

A. P. 27y.o.  Web programmer

Education: Master in Computer science

Experience: More than 5years in web development and design, embedded programming

Technical Skills:

  • 3+years- php,perl , MySQL, Postgresql , smarty , JavaScript, Ajax , xml, xsl
  •  Delphi,CBuilder , ado,postgresql,mysql (zeos)
  • 5+years-Creating of client-server applications- OLE, COM/DCOM
  • Administration: freebsd, linux, cisco ios. Qmail, apache,php, web accelerators. bind ,proftpd,  squid.
  • DB: mysql,postgresql
  • ipfw, iptables, natd.
Open Source Developers